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Grade 9 Biology

Below I have listed 5 complete simple Grade 9 Biology Science Fair Projects that you can buy in a bundle for only $1.00 :-)  That's right, here they are, all 5 complete Grade 9 Biology Science Fair Projects for only $1.00!

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  • Biology 1 - The Protective Effects Of Color Transformation In Insects  The purpose of this science fair project is to show how insects can protect themselves from becoming a predator's dinner.  There are several types of insects that can protect themselves through "protective coloration".  Protective coloration allows the insects to blend in with their surroundings.

  • Biology 2 - How Pheromones Act As A Security System For Aphids  The purpose of this science fair project is to demonstrate how aphids use pheromones as a security system.  Aphids are plant lice.  Aphids coexist on different types of plant stems.  Aphids live by feasting on plant sap.  Aphids feed by sticking their mouth into the plant and remain with the plant for an indefinite amount of time.  Aphids would be content to remain on the same plant their entire life, but in reality they have to deal with predators.

  • Biology 3 - The Amazing Workings Of A Human Heart And Lungs  The purpose of this science fair project is to explain how the human heart and lungs function.  The function of these vital organs will be demonstrated by building a stethoscope to listen to a heart beat.  The heart rate of individuals will be monitored while they are at rest and after exercising vigorously.

  • Biology 4 - The Reactive Science Of The Yeast Plant  The purpose of this science fair project is to demonstrate how the yeast plant reacts with certain foods.  For example, yeast is used to raise breads.  Yeast is a single celled plant that is a type of fungus.  Yeast is unable to manufacture food because it does not contain the chlorophyll characteristic of green plants.  Yeast cells change certain foods into alcohol and carbon dioxide when they breathe.  This carbon dioxide is what causes bread dough to rise.

  • Biology 5 - How To Clone Plants  The purpose of this science fair project is demonstrate how to clone plants.  Cloning refers to reproducing genetically identical organisms or in this case, genetically identical plants.  Plants can be cloned through a process referred to as "rooting".  Rooting involves cutting a plant and using this material to clone the plant.

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